Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flame Broiler

Today HungryPoppa (aka Mr. Frugal Foodie) and I got "rainitis". You know, when you get all lazy cause it is raining outside.

Well we had it! big time.

So we decided to pick up some of my favorite chicken out there, Flame Broiler. They claim to be healthy. And I fall for it every time!

We have had a long love affair, it started when I was in college. I love that "magic" or special sauce they have. I am sure it's loaded with lots of calories. But it is my favorite thing about Flamer Broiler.

In the spirit of trying to "healthy" we shared a plate. So we went big. We ordered The Works, with an extra side of chicken and a Diet Coke! It came with a couple veggies, a small salad and beef and more chicken. Oh and you can't forget those green onions. Delicious!

Our total $12 and change.


ChristianZ said...

Hey, you got your own blog now! Just added the link to mine...

HungryMomma said...

Christian: Thanks!

Yep, its in the very early stages! I hope to be bringing a recession friendly blog! :)

hungrypoppa said...

You called it a doughnut! LOL Beignet Bouchon is gonna be pist!