Friday, February 6, 2009

Beer Challenge Day 4

A little background on the Beer Challenge!

So HungryPoppa and I are self-proclaimed foodies. Yes, we love to eat. But so we don't over do it we decided to start eating better last year.

Both of us lost 30 lbs last year! And we have maintained it within a few pounds. I am working hard to loose the last 30 or so pounds before my BFFs wedding this fall. :) And I will have to wear a bridesmaid dress.

So here's where the beer challenge comes in. Even light beer has about 90 calories or so. And on Weight Watchers it's about 2 points. Those precious points are what keep me from getting fat!

So basically, I am giving up beer. Not sure for how long yet. Depends. If I see results on the scale then yeah no more beer, light or regular.

Today is Day 4 and will probably be the hardest coming up cause it's the weekend! And it's a celebration bitches. Not really, but every Friday night it's a celebration with HungryMomma and HungryPoppa.

I also wanna note, that I am NOT giving up all alcohol. Please! Let's not be silly. I am just going to be all about vodka + club soda for a long while. Or wine. or Champagne!

(the photo is courtesy of flickr bw8932a, and probably as much beer as I have drank in my lifetime)

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