Monday, February 9, 2009

Bangkok Taste - Santa Ana

The first time I heard about Bangkok Taste was in the OC Weekly's 2008 Food Issue. Hungrypoppa and I were tired of the same old same old and took a chance!

We also read ElmoMonster's blog about it too. We were intrigued!

In the past three weeks HungryPoppa and I have eaten here 3 times. That may NOT sound like a lot, but we try to rotate our eating out experiences. So 1 restaurant 3 times in 3 weeks is a lot for us!

We even went to eat here with Gustavo Arellano when he offered free dessert, we took it as an opportunity to pick his brain about food, Orange County etc..

But onto the food. I know my fave thing at Bangkok Taste is the Tom Kha Gai soup. The lemony, chicken and spicy soup makes me and Poppa swoon. We fight for the last bit of soup that is left every time. We ask for it extra spicy cause it taste that much better with a kick. We have random cravings for it, it's THAT good! I know Poppa would have it every day if he could.

I have a confession, I am a noodle junkie! If its a noodle, I will eat it. I don't disciminate, fat noodles, skinny noodles BRING IT!

The Drunken Noodles, fat noodles, are so delicious, perfectly pan fried, with just the right hint of basil. The glass noodles, with veggies, the name escapes me, is delicious. The veggies in it are perfect!

The masnum curry, which deserves a side of rice to soak up all the delicousness, has huge chunks of potatoes soaking in some amazing spicyness!

For me and poppa its usually under 20 bucks, this day we splurged and spent $30. And I was stuffed! Man, I can't WAIT to get back there and have some soup.

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Gustavo Arellano said...

Nice pictures! Gracias for the shout-outs!